My server is PvP why doesn't the filter work?
Filtering is currently based off of the name, add pvp anywhere in the name of your server for it to be detected.

We are working on processing the extra server data responses for all games, eventually if the game supports it you won't have to do this.
I can't see who's connected...
Player tracking is coming soon.
I can't remove my vote.
No, but you can change the direction.

This prevents abuse of the voting system.
My server isn't listed.
We check the Steam master server list twice a day.

If your server is listed with the Steam master servers it should appear.
My server is down when it isn't...
Servers that miss/timeout 3 times in a row (15 minutes) get put on the slow queue until they respond.
It may take a few hours for it to show online again.

This prevents our service from slowing down due to timeouts.
My sponsored server isn't showing at the top...
Sponsored servers appear randomly when users are browsing or searching for servers.

They may appear at the top, bottom or anywhere between on any page.

It is not guaranteed to appear on every request it is completely random with a 1/3 probability that a sponsored server will appear in any of the possible slots.

We believe this gives more visibility than being placed only at the top and works better for our site.